AX Mobile

Mobile Capture applications are everywhere today.


Within the scope of Enterprise Content Management, this trend does not change, and now we frequently see mobile applications in fast document and data capture/processing solutions.


AKSİS Mobile Capture, based on the efficiency provided by mobile applications; It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of data-intensive industries such as financial services, banking, insurance, automotive and telecom. It offers data management opportunities in an easy-to-use, compatible way for IOS or Android mobile interfaces in order to implement customer services with maximum performance and to make their workflows applicable in the field for companies that work intensively in the field.


The aim of AKSİS Mobile Capture is to protect the information in the center. Instead of making a photocopy of an information, the system simply transfers the photos and the image to a secure medium. Thus, it aims to prevent information loss, smuggling and forgery. In other words, the scanned information is instantly located in the institution's own secure environment without being kept on any mobile device, and all necessary information and transactions are made here.


AKSİS Mobile Capture easily transforms the information in the image into meaningful data. Thus, it provides great convenience to institutions in automating their documentation processes. In this side structure, the information in the image is easily converted into meaningful data.

What do we provide?

  • Dealer Canal and Fields teams quickly and completely catch their documents.
  • The field team takes all the documents from the customer environment into the system and starts the business processes.
  • Increases customer satisfaction by contributing to the automation of Customer Relationship Processes such as Sales, Claims Assessment and Complaints Management.
  • Reduces cost by eliminating the document classification and indexing burden of actively running mobile teams.
  • Provides easy integration into DYS such as Sharepoint and Filenet.


Work Functions:

  • Ability to digitize all your documents independently of time and place
  • Ability to read barcodes and characters via image
  • Automatic process initiation and archiving of documents with textual data extracted from image
  • Ability to save related sections as separate PDF or JPG documents into enterprise content management systems (ECM)
  • Ability to send by email the new documents you create and transfer them to cloud services like Dropbox, Evernote and SkyDrive, Google Drive
  • Easily transfer your scanned document from your mobile device via WiFi to your own computer
  • Makes the necessary perspective adjustment and automatic correction


Technique Features:

  • Optionally define user and create admin panel
  • User group based document type and index area can be defined
  • Providing connectivity to the provided web service
  • Define users on the mobile app's server and continue with login
  • Transfer data from ECM systems to the device.
  • Offline operation and Queue management capability
  • IOS (Objective C), Android (Java), Management Console (.net and SQL Server)
  • It works Iphone 4 and higher, Ipad2 and higher (IOS 7.0 and higher) devices.
  • It works on Android 4.1 and higher devices.


AX Mobile