Contract Platform

The Contract Platform allows companies of all sizes and users of all levels to perform the contract signing process in the cloud. The Contract Platform, designed by considering the services required by the organizations during their contract management; It offers many advanced features such as document preparation, sharing with internal and external parties, flow tracking, document signing, requesting changes, authorizing and managing team members. The platform also serves as a "Signing Gateway" developed specifically for the need to sign and get approval.

The most striking features of the platform; requesting documents between parties, securing documents with SMS confirmation code, scanning documents with IOS and Android applications and quickly transferring them to digital environment. The Contract Platform, developed with a focus on customer satisfaction, was designed to rapidly support all types of integration. The platform services can be used on the cloud platform as well as API and on premise. The Contract Platform, which works in harmony with cloud platforms in document transfer, offers the opportunity to optionally keep the data within the organization.

With the Contract Platform, every step related to signature, including the following use cases, is carried out end-to-end digitally:

  • Obtaining KVKK permissions from customers for service providers
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Purchase contracts
  • In-house operations management
  • Recruitment documents
  • Instruction and Delivery Documents
  • Audit and inventory documents
  • Audit and inventory documents
  • Customer acquisition documents
  • Internal personnel permit documents

Contract Platform Advantages:

  • Suitable for use by individuals, teams and organizations.
  • It includes different signing types such as click to sign and draw to sign besides biometric signature.
  • The person whose signature is requested does not need to be a member of the platform or download an application.
  • The signing process is performed within seconds on any available mobile browser (Safari, Chrome, Opera etc.).


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Contract Platform