AX BPM is a method that takes a holistic approach to the work done within the organization in order to model the way businesses do their business. AX BPM aims to reveal and document processes that can be counted among the assets of businesses, to make improvements and to automate the steps. By revealing the AX BPM performance criteria, which are also related to financial issues that are of high importance for businesses, it enables the costs of the processes and the performance tracking of individuals to be carried out easily.




Reveals the business processes of businesses,

Takes business processes under control,

Provides documentation and improvement,

Improves the performance of the process,

Enriches the communication of business world with IT,

Facilitates efficiency and process tracking,

Aims to make the process automatic.


  • BPMN 2.0​
  • Process Management​
  • Form Designer​
  • Rule Engine​
  • User Management​