As Aksis Digital Solutions, we have been for 25 years, and aim to be in the future, the reliable business partner to the world's and Turkey's leading providers of products and services. Regarding this point of view, we will be happy to welcome new business professionals who want to join our team in order to share this dream with us and work along the way of creating a customer-oriented company culture.


Our main principle in recruitment is to recruit people who are competent in their field to our team by proceeding with an egalitarian approach without any discriminations. For our newly recruited colleagues, we are first organizing a "Job Orientation Program". This way, we aim to facilitate their adaptation processes and ensure they get to know AKSİS culture and values, organizational structure and working systems comprehensively.


Organizational Development

On the organizational development side, we plan and implement the necessary qualifications in order to reach our strategic goals together with our employees, to move forward with a positive perspective within the team and to adopt team spirit. to make and apply.


Performance Management

For us, performance management is seen as an important management tool in order to focus on the same goal, to evaluate how well we do what we do, and to improve our personal competencies.


Education and Career Management

Our understanding of education is based on a structure in accordance with the requirements of the era, along with our own dynamics. When we have new human resource needs in our constantly developing organization, we first evaluate the resources within ourselves and determine our future needs from today and implement personal development activities according to this in a planned manner for the future. We believe in the importance of individual development in the developing world, and we provide our team with the necessary resources to be ready for the changing dynamics of the industry and our company.

Compensation Management

The factors that determine the principles of wage management in our organization are the wage status of the task in question in the sector, the characteristics of the person and individual performance. In our institution where the variable wage system is applied, there is a link between performance and financial gains.

You can send your resumes to or fax number (0212) 270 97 74.