Remote Customer Acquisition - Digital Onboarding

RKYC (Remote Know Your Customer), which was developed for institutions to acquire online customers in the digital transformation processes, was designed for customers to access institutions safely and quickly without visiting the dealer / branch. The customer acquisition process, which aims to protect organizations from processes such as potential risks, fraud and money laundering, is compliant with Know Your Customer (KYC) and local regulations, and can be updated according to institution preferences, provides an advantage for your organization to take the lead in digital transformation.

As Aksis Digital Solutions, we design the customer acquisition process specially for you thanks to our modular software approach. You can choose the method you want among the multiple options we offer between basic and extra modules and we provide a customer experience that suits your purpose.



Technologies we use:

Mobile Device Control

  • Signal Strength
  • Light Level
  • Noise


  • D card
  • Address Confirmation Documents
  • Additional Documents

Chip Reading

  • With NFC (iOS, Android)
  • With Card Reader (iOS, Android)

Auto Capture

  • Automatic Face Capture (Alignment)
  • Automatic Document Capture (Sharpness, Distance, Reflection control)

Video Call

Biometric Signature Confirmation

Artificial Intelligence Controls

  • Face Picture Comparison (with pictures from NFC, Selfie, Video and ID Card)
  • Vitality Test (Blinking, turning head, word reading)
  • ID Card Verification (Type, integrity and hologram check)
  • Address Confirmation Document Verification
  • Additional Documentation Verification
  • Static Signature Detection


Remote Customer Acquisition - Digital Onboarding

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