11Sight Customer Engagement Platform

In today's world where technology is developing rapidly, the way of communication and doing business is also undergoing a major transformation. We are here with 11Sight, a new generation video call platform developed to respond quickly to new challenges and needs, gain competitive advantage and increase customer satisfaction.


We Redefine Sales, Remote Support and Product Promotion Processes

Why should you use 11Sight?


11Sight has an architecture that is fully compatible with corporate needs. It focuses on all video call needs of both companies and customers / prospects.


It is possible to record calls and make them in secure environments with encryption.

It also includes Call Centre features such as call pool, routing and hierarchical structuring.

It offers many high-level features such as screen sharing, one-click dialing, meeting room with a single option.

There are ready-to-use integrations with CRM Applications (Hubspot, ZohoCRM etc.) which are widely used in the sector.





This platform, which we offer to support the growth of your company and make your business processes more effective, aims to fundamentally improve sales, remote support and product promotion processes. Here are the advantages of this innovative solution:


1. Efficiency in Sales Processes: Our video call platform encourages your sales teams to establish a closer relationship with customers. You can show your products or services to potential customers in real time, answer their questions instantly and provide customised offers by better understanding their needs. This helps you increase sales conversion rates.


2. Fast Solutions in Remote Support: Providing fast and effective support is vital to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. Thanks to our video call platform, you can detect technical problems remotely, offer visual guidance and increase customer loyalty by providing faster solutions.


3. Visual Richness in Product Promotion: One of the most effective ways to explain your products or services to potential customers is to present them visually and vividly. Our platform makes your remote product promotions more impressive, while enabling your customers to better understand your product.


4. Flexible and Compatible Infrastructure: Our video calling platform offers a flexible solution for businesses from different industries and scales. It can work seamlessly on any device, from mobile to desktop, and can be integrated into your existing business processes.


5. Data Security and Privacy: One of the elements that makes our partnership valuable is the high priority we place on data security and privacy. Our platform protects customer data with industry-standard security protocols.

11Sight Customer Engagement Platform