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To inspire digital customers, you have to understand their problems.

We put together a customer experience management platform for companies that want to bundle service transactions intelligently through digital channels (e-mail, web, social media, mobile apps) and provide these services efficiently. The platform balances cost efficiency and service experience for customer experience management. The key: Content analytics and self-adaptive software.

How it Works?

With the introduction of RESPONSE, digital input channels are bundled for customer service. Up to 80 percent of the transactions are repeated – and recognized automatically. Employees use "single-click templates" to answer. This method trains the ITyX AI PLATFORM.

With SELF SERVICE, services are enabled on the web and on mobile apps that have learned from the trained responses. SELF SERVICE guides the customer an automatic response for routine questions or to an expert for more challenging questions.

CHAT, including co-browsing, can be used to enhance online consulting. Depending on the visitor and search behavior, proactive contact can be initiated with an appropriate service expert.

With KNOWLEDGE, experts "select" the product and transaction information that seems to be helpful for the solution using a single mouse click. Everyone benefits from the expertise of the experts.

What it means?