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Customer Experience Management

Letting customers become part of the service process at all touch points.

When it comes to digital convergence, the customer experience is a major factor in terms of customer loyalty. In contact centers and on web portals, speed, context and knowledge are in demand. With customer engagement software from ITyX, you can master the balancing act between automation and an excellent service experience: Simple repetitive customer questions are answered automatically around the clock – by e-mail and app as well as on the web. The more challenging questions are sent to a special service process


What it means

How it works

Customer Experience Platform

To inspire digital customers, you have to understand their problems. 
We put together a customer experience management platform for companies that want to bundle service transactions intelligently through digital channels (e-mail, web, social media, mobile apps) and provide these services efficiently. The platform balances cost efficiency and service experience for customer experience management. The key: Content analytics and self-adaptive software.

Response Management

E-mail, social media, the web, or app: Network 360° with your customers.
A core product for contact center and back-office organization: ITyX RESPONSE management software eliminates chaos for digital customer service. Instead, RESPONSE provides quick and consistent answers, 360° transaction information for the agents and a knowledge base that is continually learning..

A platform that can "think for itself" providing integrated handling of all service processes.

Documents, e-mails, social media, web and mobile apps: AI PLATFORM is the intelligent core of the ITyX portfolio. It analyzes and understands text-based content –independently of language, type and structure. It helps you overcome the application chaos in inbound correspondence, customer service, and back office and make your service processes future-proof.


What it can do

What it means

How It Works

  1. Classifying transactions

Analyzes incoming transactions and automatically allocates  them  reliably to the proper business process.
Content analytics: Knowing what it's about

Content classification in e-mails and documents (document and data capture)

ITyX has extensive international expertise in dynamic text classification. Our self-adaptive artificial intelligence is clearly superior to the classic, rules-based approaches for the analysis of free text. Our solution requires minimal administration and independently optimizes its efficiency through the observation of employee behavior during sorting.

  1. Extract specialized data

Extracts relevant data identifying personal and specialized information.
Data extraction: Extracting relevant information from text content

Extraction of business data from unstructured text content (document extraction)
The manual extraction and processing of relevant business and personal data from e-mails, documents and the web result in unnecessary expense and delayed handling. ITyX offers a unique method for self-adaptive extraction of business and personal data from unstructured documents in addition to rules-based extraction of data.

Enriching with existing information: Validates logical connections and enriches transactions with existing information.
Data validation: Know what you have to do
Validation and enrichment with existing data (data validation and enrichment)
In most case management teams and contact centers existing information is accessed manually. The result, manual searches and information acquisition from third-party systems make an efficient handling of service requests difficult. ITyX solutions automatically performs plausibility checks and corrects errors. Manual intervention is required only in a few cases.

  1. Completion or allocation to experts

Answers automatically or submits the request with a suggested answer to an expert.
Cognitive software: Learning connections

Dynamically adapting to the behavior of customers and employees

ITyX solutions learns the distribution of content and records relevant content data. In this manner, the transaction processing is technicized: The software identifies repetitive, describable processes automatically. Process rules and processes are no longer created and maintained manually. Agents can concentrate on individual service for complex cases.